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The problem

  • For file based web applications, i.e. web sites where the content is stored in static files rather than in databases, a free-text search capability is a must.
  • It's cumbersome to trawl the Java API and write code for operations like finding files, reading the content of files and looking for keywords inside them.
  • It is not hard to wrap search results into user-friendly listings of file icons and document titles in preference to pure file names, but it takes time to develop.

The solution

  • QZarch is a modular and easy-to-implement solution for Java-based environments. The project provides modules that enable you to add custom free-text search capabilities to your web application quickly and easily.
  • The QZarch project is designed to be quick and simple to integrate in your own environment. If you have critical performance requirements for the search engine, don't consider this project. The integration is quick, the search engine works.
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